Friday, 4 January 2013

Driving instructors Heathfield

3rd January, 2013

Well done James Darsey for passing your driving test in Eastbourne.  Best of luck for the future from your driving instructor, John Leeming and the team at L Plates Driving School. 


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  2. I am not suggesting that people taking their driving test should not be capable of dealing with some parked obstructions safely, but encountering large vehicles that are difficult to negotiate right at the beginning of your driving test when a correct decision could make the difference between a pass and a fail, is hardly fair particularly when the vehicles are illegally parked. So when you learn driving then must learn the traffic rules also. Nice blog keep it up.

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  3. When it comes to train someone have no knowledge about what he had to read or learn then it's quite difficult for instructor to train him but that's the main challenge for a trainer. And while you got positive feedback from your students, then it boost you for more good work.And this type of post is always informative for both student and trainers. Thanks a lot......

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  4. Well done and congratulations, your hard work produced great results.