Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Driving lessons Pembury

20th November, 2012

Congratulations to Sean Piper from Pembury who passed his driving test today in Tunbridge Wells with only 2 driving faults. A big well done from your driving instructor, Colin Dawes and the team at L Plates Driving School. 


I had a very pleasent learning experience with L Plates and my instructor Colin was very friendly from start to finish. I was always made to feel very relaxed and comfortable as I got used to being behind the wheel. Colin always explained areas of driving and the car in great detail with a great deal of patience. I always knew how I was performing as I would always receive feedback on my lessons and criticisms were always constructive and made into a positive by Colin telling me how I can improve and making me feel better about the whole thing so I always understood my mistakes and how to correct them. He never failed to make conversation and let me learn at my own speed. The overall experience with L Plates was great and the prices are very reasonable compared to other companies. I passed my second test and felt quite relaxed as the whole procedure was explained to my by Colin many times. 
Thank you for a good learning experience. Sean Piper. Pembury. 

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