Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Driving Instructor Training Eastbourne

16th October, 2012
A HUGE congratulations to Martin Lock from Crowborough for passing your ADI Part 3 today at Eastbourne driving test centre. Well done from John Eacher, Jo Chapman and the team at L Plates Driving School and a big welcome to the team!


John Eacher trained me for my ADI part 2 and 3 and we trained very hard but also became good friends.He was always there if I had a problem or question even when I texed him in the evenings panicing about my tests.Part 3 was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life but John made it easier with his help and advice and role playing Darren the chavvy teenager which had us both in stitches.It was about me getting through my tests which I have now done sucessfully but it was also important to like and get on well with your trainer.I am now an ADI and looking forward to a great career and I owe John alot for his help and feel I have made a very good friend.Thanks John. Martin Lock. Crowborough.

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